Bounceability is a course designed to help kids and teenagers survive and flourish in today’s pressurised life. Based on Resilience Coaching, it aims to develop young people’s ability to cope with whatever life throws at them, from friendship fallouts to exam pressure to adverse events. To ‘bounce forward’ into a successful and happy life.

Created by a qualified and experienced counsellor, the course is being taught in schools in Surrey. Now it is available online in two age groups: Kids (8 to 11) and Teenagers (12 to 18). It will help you build your Resilience Toolkit: a wide range of concepts, helpful thoughts and exercises which will give you greater understanding of yourself and why you worry, as well as strategies for coping with anxiety. Bounceability will help you through the increasingly stressful years of school, University and life beyond.

People tell you your school years are meant to be the happiest time of your life. Well, let’s help you get more fun out of them.

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Bounceability has been designed and delivered by Sandra Hewett, a qualified and accredited counsellor based in Surrey. She has worked as a student counsellor at Guildford College, and as a private counsellor seeing teenagers with anxiety. She has taken training at Young Minds in London and has NHS and school safeguarding certificates. She developed Bounceability as an early-intervention course to help young people deal with worries and stress, building resilience to handle challenges that can sometimes lead to more serious psychological conditions.

Following the course, my daughter has been sharing her worries with me. She has also been practicing her ‘power pose’ in front of the mirror. Yesterday, for the first time, she put her hand up in class and volunteered to read out loud (something she has always been terrified of doing). I can see that the Bounceability course has helped her and she is becoming more confident. I am very grateful for all your hard work.

Parent, Prep school in Surrey

Bounceability has really helped, I’ve been thinking more positively and differently. When I get anxious, I can sit it out or tell myself it’s not the end of the world.

Bounceability student, Year 7

I LOVE Bounceability!

Bounceability student , Year 5

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