Bounceability is an online course that teaches kids and teens resilience. That’s a bit of a buzzword at the moment, but with anxiety increasing among this age group it’s pretty valuable to have it. Put simply it aims to develop young people’s ability to cope with whatever life throws at them, from friendship fallouts to exam pressure to adverse events.

It’s a stimulating course helping kids and teens to learn how to survive and flourish in today’s pressurised teen life. There are two courses, one for 8 to 11 year olds and one for 12 to 16 year olds. Each is five separate sessions which they can take when they want, although weekly is recommended.

It is suggested that a parent or other adult watch and take part in the kids course, to support them. The navigation is simple but a parent can help them work through the exercises and check their understanding. You can also follow the teen one with your older child, or they can do it alone or with a friend.

Everything that Bounceability covers is grounded in research, much of it cutting edge. We are learning fast about the relationship between our brains, our emotional state and our behaviour. Bounceability pulls this together with tried and tested exercises to help us challenge negative thinking and be more confident. At the end of the course each student creates their Resilience Toolkit from the sessions’ learnings.

There is a core video, the teaching, and Powerpoint slides accompanying it. You will download and print a Worksheet for each session. These repeat important points from the session and allow you to write your own answers or carry out an exercise. At the end of each worksheet four key learnings are given plus some things to practice in between sessions. It’s not homework! Nothing is handed in or marked, and you aren’t expected to understand everything immediately – these are concepts that you develop over time. And there’s a few things, like Power Poses, that you might find a touch wacky to begin with! But they work with practice.

There are YouTube videos to illustrate the learning points, and handouts to download and print for later reading. There is also a Resource Centre with lots of signposting to further, specialist help.

You can do a session in one go or pause and come back to it later. The session will start up \again where you left off. Depending on how long you discuss or reflect on the issues, or you take to do the exercises, it will take around 45 minutes. You can purchase the sessions individually or as a whole course. It’s suggested that you follow them in order.

Bounceability will develop further sessions on specific subjects so check out the Website from time to time.

Bounceability aims to:

  • Build understanding of emotions and of how your brain changes through puberty
  • Help gain perspective about the thoughts and feelings that worry you
  • Build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Encourage you to develop critical analysis of life issues
  • Develop resilience to cope with life’s adversities and challenges

The overall aim is to be happier and worry less. What is happy? We’ll talk about that too.


Each session costs £10. If you want to buy the whole course in one go, it is £45. Choose whether you are looking to buy for your child or teen below…

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For Teenagers

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