Bounceability can help you deal with anxiety

Do you wish you didn’t worry so much? That you could go into a room without thinking everyone is judging you? Do you want to know how to stand up to bullies? Or get through your exams without feeling so scared? Or just be yourself and be ok with that? Be happier, more of the time?

Then try Bounceability! It doesn’t take bad stuff away (sorry, those exams will still be there…) and it’s not an instant fix for life, the Universe and everything; but it will give you the tools and strategies for tackling fear, failure and frenemies.


Full Course | Bounceability

Full Course

This is what each session covers:

Session 1: learning about our emotions and how to manage them; understanding the teen brain and why you might get more anxious as a teenager – and take more risks.

Session 2: we focus pretty much on one tool – how we can think ourselves out of anxiety. How negative (or pesky) thoughts can make us feel anxious or down; finding alternative thoughts to change this feeling. And why part of our brain is stuck in caveman days.

Session 3:  Be confident! Where we get our confidence from and why we sometimes lose it. You will learn about the importance of identity and building self-esteem. And after this session you will be doing Power Poses in front of the mirror every day!

Session 4: In this session, we are going to face the fears that are behind our anxieties. And we put our alternative thoughts learning into practice. You will have a strategy for dealing with fear and to stop catastrophising. We will also talk about exam stress.

Session 5: This final session will pull all the resilience tools together. We will talk about more issues and bundle up some of the tricky things you need to navigate like toxic friendships, failure and the future.


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Session 1 Teen Anxiety Course

Session 1

In this first session we’re going to look at understanding our emotions and learn something about the teenage brain and how it’s changing. We’ll watch a video from the movie Inside Out on how Sadness helps Bing Bong feel better (you are never too old for cute elephants) plus a video on the teenage brain, which explains a lot about how you are feeling. And we’ll find out whether females or males are better drivers!


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Session 2 Teen Anxiety Course

Session 2

Now, in this session we are getting down to the nitty gritty – pesky thoughts! This really challenges our worrying. We’re going to learn how thoughts are linked to our feelings and to our behaviour, and how changing negative thoughts can help us to feel better. You’ll start to build a strategy for dealing with anxiety. We’ll also learn why our brain still thinks there are sabre toothed tigers around every corner.


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Session 3 Teen Anxiety Course

Session 3

In this session we’re going to build our confidence and talk about wellbeing – exercise and good eating. When we have confidence in ourselves we have more resilience, we can stand up to bullying and get through challenges like exams and family difficulties. But what gives us confidence? Where does confidence come from and why do we sometimes lose it? Just WHAT is a Power Pose – and do you have to do it?


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Session 4 Teen Anxiety Course

Session 4

Take cover for this session, we’re going to get scary. Behind all worries, anxieties and negative thoughts there is a fear, but we don’t always recognise it. So, we’ll talk about typical fears that you might have, and put together a strategy for managing them. Do you know how you can flip from fear to excitement in a second? We will also talk about the pressure you get around school work and exams.


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Session 5 Teen Anxiety Course

Session 5

This is our final session and we bring all your resilience tools together. But first we explore some aspects of our lives that cause us worries: uncertainty about our future, failure and friendships – and when they go wrong. If you have a couple of friends round to do this you can chat about these together. You’ll probably find you each have different views and different levels of worry about each subject – be supportive of each other. We will then put together your Bounceability toolkit you can take with you into the future. Yay!


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