If you would like to take all five sessions of Bounceability there is a £5 discount for booking all five now. This is what each session covers:

Session 1: learning about our emotions and how to manage them; understanding the teen brain and why you might get more anxious as a teenager – and take more risks.

Session 2: we focus pretty much on one tool – how we can think ourselves out of anxiety. How negative (or pesky) thoughts can make us feel anxious or down; finding alternative thoughts to change this feeling. And why part of our brain is stuck in caveman days.

Session 3:  Be confident! Where we get our confidence from and why we sometimes lose it. You will learn about the importance of identity and building self-esteem. And after this session you will be doing Power Poses in front of the mirror every day!

Session 4: In this session we are going to face the fears that are behind our anxieties. And we put our alternative thoughts learning into practice. You will have a strategy for dealing with fear and to stop catastrophising. We will also talk about exam stress.

Session 5: This final session will pull all the resilience tools together. We will talk about more issues and bundle up some of the tricky things you need to navigate like toxic friendships, failure and the future.