How is your family coping through the lockdown? Parents and kids are having to adapt to this weird situation where pretty much everything we like to do has been stopped. Well, you might not include school in that, but be honest, it sucks not seeing your friends and it’s probably getting a bit boring by now?

Do you think your anxiety has increased, or changed? Are parents more worried because of the Coronavirus and the lockdown we are having to follow to defeat it?

Teenage worries in lockdown

So think firstly about what the worries, or fears are. It helps to reflect for a short while on our anxieties.

Life isn’t normal. There is lots of news about the virus and how it affects people – and you may have had experience of this in your family or friends. If not, it can seem invisible, you’re told you can’t do these normal activities, but you can’t see the reason.

There is uncertainty – one of the biggest causes of anxiety. Life is full of uncertainties, but we usually do lots of things to reduce it so that we feel more in control. We can’t do this very much at the moment and it is taking time to get the virus under control, so we don’t know when we might get back to school or seeing our friends.

We have lost exams and school time. A few months ago that would have been a brilliant thought, but now it’s happened you may feel cheated, and worried about how it will affect your future progress.

Tips for lockdown

Ok, so what can you do to help yourself. Let’s take some lessons from Bounceability’s Fear Busting Strategy.

  • Reflect on the difficult feelings (‘lean in’)

Know what worries you and what your fears are, but not for too long (that’s dwelling).

  • Accept what you can’t control

Once you accept there is a limit to what you can do it becomes less frustrating; but you can also think about what you CAN do!

  • Calm yourself – breathe
  • Practice – confidence

Lots of tips in Session 3 and a great video!

  • Try a more positive thought

Changing the thought, so see Session 2

  • Be with helpful, experienced people

And keep in touch with friends, have fun too

Here’s some further help: